Yamaha Group Lessons

  Apple Course (age 2) 

Two-year-olds are filled with raw creativity and are without inhibitions, approaching everything with passion and curiosity. Watch as their artistic flair takes over when given the right tools to express themselves. Specially designed for two-year-olds, our lessons enable your toddler to enjoy music the fun way with you (parent attendance required). We foster your little one’s love for music by teaching them how to ‘listen’ through fun activities like singing, body movements and playing with rhythm. It’s a great way to spend quality time bonding with your little one.


  Music Wonderland (ages 3 to 4) 

Music Wonderland is designed to provide children with an introduction to music in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Together with their parents, children experience singing, introductory keyboard activities, movement, and listening to music. Music Wonderland lays the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyable music making through these carefully planned activities. This course leads to the Junior Music Course Program.


  Junior Music Course (ages 4 to 5) 

Early childhood is the ideal time to start music lessons. At this age, the ear is at its peak of sensitivity. Learning music is as natural as learning to speak. Yamaha’s unique curriculum is designed to give your child the best opportunity to develop basic music skills. The creative approach centers on developing the three essential elements of pitch, harmony, and rhythm.


  Young Musicians Course (ages 6 to 8) 

The Young Musicians Course is a great way for children to begin a lifetime enjoyment of music. The three-year curriculum develops musicianship and keyboard playing skills with wonderful materials written specifically for beginners of this age.


  Piano Club (ages 8 to 10) 

Piano Club is a two-year program designed to teach beginning students, aged 8 to 10, how to play and enjoy a wide variety of piano styles. Basic musicianship skills, including a good sense of rhythm and pitch are developed through solfege singing and keyboard ensembles.

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