TransAcoustic Pianos

TransAcoustic Piano is an innovative proposal from Yamaha for new ways to utilize and enjoy the acoustic piano.

The authentic reverberation and resonance unique to acoustic pianos, combined with the ability to adjust and enhance the volume of the instrument, make this a truly versatile, modern take on this instrument.

Imagine a full acoustic sound for all occasions, married with the rich sound of your favorite voices, all available at your fingertips. Add the benefit of immersing yourself in your playing with the Silent Piano mode, and together you have a world-class instrument that is unparalleled in the industry.

What is TransAcoustic Technology?

When you press the piano keys, its hammer strikes the corresponding strings, and the strings vibrate. The initial string sound is small, but the acoustic capability of the piano responds with the soundboard amplifying the sound so that the entire body of the piano serves as a resonator.  

TransAcoustic Technology does not rely on speaker units to produce sound. Instead, transducers are used by converting audio source signals into vibrations, and then relaying them to the soundboard. The soundboard amplifies the vibrations, and the entire piano vibrates sympathetically.

Due to the weight of commonly used transducers being too heavy, Yamaha developed transducers especially for acoustic pianos. This allows faithful reproduction of the sound of an acoustic piano.

transacoustic piano - transducer and soundboard

TransAcoustic Piano Lineup:

U Series:

U1 TA3 - 48” Upright

U3 TA3 - 52” Upright

YUS Series:

YUS1 TA3 - 48” Upright

YUS3 TA3 - 52” Upright

YUS5 TA3 - 52” Upright

C Series:

GC1 MTA3 - 5’3” Grand

C1 XTA3 - 5’3” Grand

C3 XTA3 - 6’1” Grand

B Series:

B1 TC3 - 43” Upright

B2 TC3 - 45” Upright

B3 TC3 - 48” Upright

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