Silent Pianos

A Yamaha Silent Piano offers the enjoyment of playing an acoustic piano, even when played while wearing headphones. This truly is a versatile, modern take on this classic instrument.

Yamaha first released a Silent Piano in 1993 and has continued to perfect the sound muting technology ever since. Now, almost every acoustic piano model Yamaha makes is offered with Silent Piano as an option.

Silent Piano technology is possible due to key sensors equipped with a continuous-detection grayscale shutter sensing system that captures every nuance of the piano key movement. This makes it possible to execute repeated notes and trills at the edges of keys smoothly and naturally. Most importantly, the sensors are non-contact, so they do not affect the touch of the keys.

Forgetting that you’re even wearing headphones is common due to Yamaha’s CFX Binaural Sampling. 

Binaural sampling is a painstaking method of recording using special microphones that are set up in the same positions as the performer’s ears. This is specifically done to enhance the listening experience.

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