Disklavier Pianos

The only performance reproducing piano that is fully integrated to create the perfect music eco-system.

Over 25 years of continuous development have led to a superior recording and playback features that are unparalleled in the industry. In addition to unrivaled performance reproduction, the Disklavier offers what other systems simply cannot.

Whether for a school, business, or recording studio, the Disklavier is sure to provide the highest resolution recording and playback paired with the highest quality acoustic pianos. The Disklavier recreates a precise portrayal of the artist’s intentions: every note, every nuance.

Enjoy beautiful piano solos or piano ensemble performances, fully enhanced by vocals and backing instrumentation.

The integrated Silent piano technology allows you to listen, learn, and play without being disturbed or disturbing others.

With the largest collection of any player piano, expanding your music collection has never been easier with the thousands of titles in the music catalogue. Add to this incredible instrument, the power of streaming piano music available 24/7, with over 30 channels to choose from covering every genre of music.

But Why Stop There?

Disklavier technology now enables you to view performances at the same time as they are played on your instrument. Imagine having the performance you’re watching on screen being performed on your instrument in front of you. Yamaha’s amazing innovation and development have made this a reality, enabling you to not only watch a performance but to record with video your own performance and have it played back with equal precision.

Enspire Classic Series

DGB1K ENCL - 5’0”

The Enspire Classic series is the perfect centerpiece for any environment. Featuring Yamaha’s unrivaled playback technology, the Enspire Classic series is the ideal piano to turn a beautiful showpiece into a performance showpiece.

The Enspire Classic series is available only in Yamaha’s GB1K model.

DGB1K EN Classic – 5’0”

DGB1K EN Classic – 5’0”

Enspire Standard Series

The Enspire Standard series takes the masterful reproduction technology to the next level by integrating Yamaha’s Silent piano technology into the instrument. In addition, recording your own creations is not only easy, but turning them into masterpieces is simple. The Enspire Standard series is the piano of unlimited potential, providing full recording and playback functionality.

The Enspire Standard Series is available in Yamaha models GB1K, GC1M, C1X, and C2X, as well as the upright U1.

Enspire Series Line Up

DGB1K ENST - 5’0’’

DGB1K ENST - 5’0’’

DGC1 ENST - 5’3’’

DGC1 ENST - 5’3’’

DGC2 ENST - 5’8’’

DGC2 ENST - 5’8’’

DC1X ENST – 5’3”

DC1X ENST – 5’3”

DC2X ENST - 5’8’’

DC2X ENST - 5’8’’

Enspire Pro Series

The Enspire Pro series is the pinnacle of reproducing technologies, offering the highest resolution recording and playback, matched with Yamaha’s highest level acoustic pianos.  

The Enspire Pro Series is available in Yamaha models C3X, C5X, C6X, C7X, as well as in all SX-series and CF-series instruments.  

CX Series Line Up

DC3X ENPRO	- 6’1”

DC3X ENPRO - 6’1”

DC5X ENPRO	- 6’7”

DC5X ENPRO - 6’7”

DC6X ENPRO	- 7’0”

DC6X ENPRO - 7’0”

DC7X ENPRO	- 7’6”

DC7X ENPRO - 7’6”

SX Series Line Up

DS3X ENPRO	- 6’1”

DS3X ENPRO - 6’1”

DS5X ENPRO	- 6’7”

DS5X ENPRO - 6’7”

DS6X ENPRO	- 7’0”

DS6X ENPRO - 7’0”

DS7X ENPRO	- 7’6”

DS7X ENPRO - 7’6”

CF Series Line Up

DCF4 ENPRO	- 6’3”

DCF4 ENPRO - 6’3”

DCF6 ENPRO	- 7’0”

DCF6 ENPRO - 7’0”



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